About the Artist

My name is Asya Oravec and I am a metalsmith, taught by metal artists, silversmiths, bench jewelers, couture designers, and blacksmiths. I design and create my own jewelry from scratch with care, thought, excitement, and fire!🔥 My approach is artistic not entrepreneurial so I make one piece at a time, which makes each piece one of a kind.

I am local to Metro Detroit area in Michigan, USA and I market my work at art shows, galleries, and online on this website, on Instagram, and on Facebook. I am a member of Michigan Silversmiths Guild and I have previously represented the guild in the Ann Arbor South University Art Fair.

I get my influences from my life experiences and I create intuitively, often letting the metal tell me what it wants to become. The ideas that pop into my head and come to life through metal reflect who I am. I am where I’m supposed to be, doing what I love.

My favorite metal is sterling silver, but I love incorporating gold accents, patina, and gemstones into my work. I also create with brass, bronze, and copper. The aesthetic of mixed metals appeals to me and fits into my vision and artistic approach that emphasizes textures and contrasts.

All items listed in my shop are available now, unless stated otherwise. Custom orders are possible, please email me or use the form in my Contact page so we could discuss designing something special just for you.

Please browse my online shop to discover something beautiful for yourself or your beautiful someone!