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Party Time
Fun, swirly, thick, and 0.5″ long sterling silver streamer studs. Time to party!
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Tiny 0.25″ sterling silver stud earrings. Cute as heck.
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In these Mokume Gane (“wood grain metal”) earrings 24 layers of silver, copper and brass were fused and forged into a thin billet, which I then cut into a somewhat rectangular shape and split the billet in the middle, which not only exposed the wood grain pattern, but layers of all three metals. 1.25″ long, sterling hooks.
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Sterling silver stud earrings that were hand-painted with varnish and etched for hours do get deep fun patterns. 0.5″ long. Super cute!
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Depletion gilded, reticulated, and oxidized sterling silver earrings with Golden Tiger Eye stones. 1″ long.
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Fun sterling silver stud earrings. I made each ring separately, then soldered them together. 0.75″ long.
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Sterling silver and Swarovski crystal earrings. Beautiful, elegant, with hand-manufactured diamond shaped hooks. 2.25″ long.
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Color Splash
Enameled copper earrings with sterling silver hooks. About 1.5″ long with hooks.
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Key Lime Pie
Enameled copper earrings with sterling silver hooks. About 0.75″ long with hooks.
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Sparkly hammer-textured sterling studs. A little bit of bling for every day. MADE TO ORDER
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Sterling silver textured and oxidized earrings on long hooks. 2.5″ long.
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Copper earrings made utilizing a technique called fold-forming where you hammer the metal shut and force is open. Earrings are oxidized with the torch flame. Available:

1. Triangular fold-formed earrings with sterling silver hooks. About 2″ long.
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2. Rectangular fold-formed and textured earrings with silver hooks. About 2″ long.
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3. Curled on the top and melted on the bottom. About 1.75″ long.
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Silver, brass, and copper wire twisted around itself and each other, soldered, and forged. Sterling silver hooks.
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PicsArt_07-12-07.44.11Black and White
Textured and oxidized sterling silver stud earrings with onyx and pearls. 1.25″ long.
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Strips of Mokume Gane (fused silver, copper, and brass) manipulated and soldered into this spiral cone design. 1.5″, sterling hooks.
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Keep checking back – inventory is updated regularly!

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