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Maple Bark earrings
Real maple bark cast in sterling silver using a lost wax casting process and made into organic, raw stud earrings. 0.5″ long.
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Cast sterling silver drop earrings on long modern hooks. Created by nature, immortalized and adapted into wearable art by yours truly. 1.5″ long. They have a matching necklace on the Necklaces and Pendants page! 🙂
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In Motion
My first piece of the 2019 straw and water cast collection Gravity are these straw cast nicely weighed post earrings. Molten cascading sterling silver frozen in motion. Eternally unique! 0.75″ long.
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Water cast little shiny clusters of fine silver with sterling silver posts and backs for my 2019 Gravity collection. 0.5″ in diameter.
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Polarity earrings
A cool pair with hooks that came out of my 2019 straw and water cast collection Gravity.  Molten cascading sterling silver petrified in motion, while making its way around the straw strands. These abstract sterling silver earrings are unique, fun, and chic. 1.25″ long.
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Ripples studs
Tiny 0.25″ babes for everyday dazzle! Textured sterling silver.
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Splashes of silver in the water with little checker cut Hematites set in the middle are also a part of my 2019 straw and water cast collection Gravity. These 0.5″ studs are modern, elegant, and can be worn with any outfit.
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Water Rings
Fun little fine silver drop earrings that all have a fascinating pattern that looks like circles on the surface of the still lake. 1.5″ long including the .999 silver granules and long modern sterling silver hooks.
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Keep checking back – inventory is updated regularly!

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