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Enameled copper earrings with sterling silver hooks. The surface of these remind me of the sun reflecting from the ocean waves. 1″ long.
WAS $33, NOW $26
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PicsArt_02-14-06.55.20     PicsArt_02-14-07.48.16
Sterling silver heart earrings with long hooks, 1.75″ long. Tilted hooks allow for the earrings to follow the shape of your face.
WAS $56, NOW $45
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Flower Power
Sterling silver flower earrings with long hooks. 2″ long.
WAS $56, NOW $45
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Textured and oxidized sterling silver drop earrings. Textured with lace. 2″ long.
WAS $43, NOW $34
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PicsArt_02-14-07.54.02     PicsArt_02-14-07.00.56
Love studs
Sterling silver stud earrings, 0.5″. The angle of the earrings follows the shape of your face. These truly are adorable, if I say so myself! 🙂
WAS $44, NOW $35
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PicsArt_08-07-07.56.04Upside Down
Forged and textured sterling silver earrings. The circle on the left hangs freely from the forged stick. On the right the circle is soldered. Playful and cute! About 1.5″.
WAS $32, NOW $26
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Forged and oxidized sterling silver earrings. I made each ring separately, soldered then together. The hooks are also made my me. 1″ long with hook.
WAS $32, NOW $26 
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Sterling silver, copper and brass earrings, about 1.5″ long. Made by utilizing an ancient Japanese technique of Mokume Gane by fusing 24 layers of metal together with extreme heat and pressure and then forging them into a thin sheet of patterned metal.
WAS $65, NOW $52
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Abstract sterling silver earrings. Unique and funky! About 1″ long.
WAS $26, NOW $22 
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Square twisted sterling silver earrings. 3″ long.
WAS $42, NOW $30 
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Sterling silver earrings with shark teeth from Florida beach. The back of the earrings is reticulated (textured with fire) and then rolled to even out some of the highest points and to create smoother texture. The edges are made out of one continuous strip of silver by filing at the correct angle and carefully bending. The shark teeth are prong set in a traditional stone setting way as this is my fine jewelry take on the popular shark earrings jewelry. Handmade hooks. 1.5″ x 1″.
WAS $110, NOW $88
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