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Pretty and fun! Sterling silver swirly drop earrings, 2″ long.
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PicsArt_07-17-06.45.57    PicsArt_07-17-06.20.39
Sterling silver hand-pierced, hand-textured large hook earrings that swing side to side and are fun to wear! Pretty cool looking too! 1.25″ long.
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Water cast bronze nugget earrings with sterling silver posts and backs. Brushed satin finish.
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PicsArt_06-14-06.39.03    PicsArt_06-14-06.45.59
Depletion gilded and reticulated sterling silver earrings. Abstract, elegant, fun, and unique they have a nice weight to it and are 2.75″ long.
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PicsArt_04-28-08.05.19Secret Garden
Sterling silver earrings textured with a nature motif. 3″ long with hook.
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PicsArt_10-31-07.36.44     PicsArt_10-31-08.21.15
High-rise earrings
Oxidized sterling silver earrings. 2″ long. This listing is for earrings only, but they do have a matching necklace on the Necklaces and Pendants page!
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Hand-pieced and textured sterling silver earrings. 2″ long. Rustic and elegant.
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PicsArt_07-29-08.26.14    PicsArt_07-29-09.19.11
Garnet Drops
Textured with lace and oxidized for contrast 2″ sterling silver drop earrings with lovely 5mm garnets. Elegant and modern.
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Sterling silver diamond-shaped earrings. 1″ long.
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PicsArt_07-29-09.50.17    PicsArt_07-29-09.45.41
Together Apart
Sterling silver patinaed heart earrings with long hooks, 1.75″ long. Tilted hooks allow for the earrings to follow the shape of your face.
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Sterling silver, copper and brass earrings, about 1.5″ long. Made by utilizing an ancient Japanese technique of Mokume Gane by fusing 24 layers of metal together with extreme heat and pressure and then forging them into a thin sheet of patterned metal.
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PicsArt_03-10-12.06.04    PicsArt_03-10-11.56.29
Etched sterling silver earrings with my abstract design and unique hooks. About 1″ long with hook.
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PicsArt_02-21-05.11.38    Baltic Amber
Designed in CAD, 3D printed in plla, lost wax cast in sterling silver and adorned with beautiful 6 mm Baltic amber stones. My unique design with a fun pop of color!
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Textured and oxidized sterling silver earrings with the hook being a solid part of the design. 0.5″ x 0.75
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Sterling silver earrings with shark teeth from Florida beach. The back of the earrings is reticulated (textured with fire) and then rolled to even out some of the highest points and to create smoother texture. The edges are made out of one continuous strip of silver by filing at the correct angle and carefully bending. The shark teeth are prong set in a traditional stone setting way as this is my fine jewelry take on the popular shark earrings jewelry. Handmade hooks. 1.5″ x 1″.
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Sparkle and Shine
Textured sterling silver earrings that have a lot of movement and that high polish sparkle! About 1.5″ long.
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