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This adorable oxidized sterling silver “little Unicorn horn” pendant is my “magical” version of the cornicello (Italian for “horn”), an Italian amulet or talisman worn to protect against bad luck. I can also make one in shiny silver! 🙂 Comes with an 18″ sterling chain or an adjustable leather cord with a sterling magnetic clasp. Let me know which one you prefer at checkout or on Contact page! 🙂
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Amethyst Heart
Hand-pierced sterling silver heart necklace with a 6 mm checker cut amethyst CZ.
0.5″ with a 16″ chain.
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A beautiful 1.5″ plume agate in sterling silver setting on an adjustable leather cord with a magnetic sterling clasp.
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Eye of the Tiger
Sterling silver and tiger eye pendant, 2.5″ long, with a 24″ sterling chain.
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This lovely necklace was cast from a real piece of waxy honeycomb with an alloy
called shibuichi (35% sterling, 65% copper). It has a little drop of honey –
a tiny citrine – set into one of the holes and it has a handmade bail,
a handmade clasp and comes on a 22″ sterling chain. 1.5″.
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A textured sterling silver necklace with a mookaite and an ocean jasper. 1.5″ on an 18″ sterling chain.
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A real acorn on a twig that I picked up in the park near my house. I removed the cap and carved it empty to reduce weight, but it’s still not a light piece of jewelry. I cast the acorn with a Japanese metal alloy called shibuichi that is silver and copper and then lightly oxidized the piece and the chain to give it more “close to the original” look.
$325 (insured)
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The Tide
A petite 0.5″ oxidized sterling silver pendant on an 18″ sterling chain.
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