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PicsArt_06-11-07.50.20 (2)     PicsArt_06-11-08.06.48
Under the Sea
This 1″ in diameter “fish scale” textured necklace is adorned with a gorgeous Amazonite stone and the design follows the ocean theme with “ripples” of waves at the edges and the wave-shaped bezel and bail. Amazonite is called the “hope stone” because it inspires confidence and hope. The necklace comes on an 18″ sterling chain.
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picsart_01-23-01.01.25     picsart_01-23-01.04.48
This adorable oxidized sterling silver “little Unicorn horn” pendant is my “magical” version of the cornicello (Italian for “horn”), an Italian amulet or talisman worn to protect against bad luck. 1″ long and comes on an adjustable leather cord with a sterling magnetic clasp. It also looks amazing as a choker!
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PicsArt_02-21-06.10.57     20190221_134600
Unicornicello 2.0
And here is a variation on the original design! Shiny sterling silver, ready to go on all kinds of adventures. 🙂 1″ long, comes on an 18″ solid sterling silver chain. This listing is for one unicorn pendant pictured in the individual picture and on the left in the group picture.
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PicsArt_04-02-07.22.05     PicsArt_04-02-07.15.30
Sterling silver pendant hand-carved out of wax, cast in a lost wax process and inlayed with navy and clean resin with 24 karat gold flakes. Unique, contemporary, fun! 0.75″ on an 16″ chain.
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PicsArt_04-02-07.54.45      PicsArt_04-04-07.21.30
All The Colors
Sterling silver flower pendant hand-carved out of wax, cast in a lost wax process and inlayed with colorful opaque resins. 0.5″ color pop on 16″ chain.
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A beautiful 1.5″ plume agate in sterling silver setting on an adjustable leather cord with a magnetic sterling clasp.
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A textured sterling silver necklace with a mookaite and an ocean jasper. 1.5″ on an 18″ sterling chain.
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PicsArt_03-26-05.35.07     PicsArt_03-26-07.14.41
A real acorn on a twig that I picked up in the park near my house. I removed the cap and carved it empty to reduce weight, but it’s still not a light piece of jewelry. I cast the acorn with a Japanese metal alloy called shibuichi that is silver and copper and then lightly oxidized the piece and the chain to give it more “close to the original” look.
$325 (insured)
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