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PicsArt_07-30-09.55.29    PicsArt_07-30-10.20.03
Gorgeous and unique in color Atlantisite set it sterling silver with colorful bubbles on the band and around the stone. A beautiful statement! Size 6.
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PicsArt_06-18-06.12.53     PicsArt_07-16-07.28.32
Sketch Too
Sterling silver etched ring in size 13. Can also be resized down to any size, message me on my Contact page, if you’re interested, but the size is too big!
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PicsArt_03-13-06.12.11     PicsArt_03-13-06.07.09
A one of a kind water cast sterling silver button, hand-manufactured band, and a gorgeous iridescent Chinese pearl. The button is 0.6″ and the band size is 7. Truly a unique piece of elegant and wearable art jewelry!
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A beautiful organic broom cast detail on a textured sterling silver band in size 6.
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PicsArt_06-14-06.24.08    PicsArt_06-14-06.17.07
Bronze Nugget
Water cast abstract bronze detail on a sterling silver textured band. Size 6.
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Heavy, oxidized sterling silver ring. I created it by dripping wax on a wax band
and then casting it in a lost wax process that produces completely unique pieces.
Size 7 3/4.
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Oxidized sterling silver ring, size 10. Comfortable, minimalistic, but not boring!
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Sterling silver ring. Size 6.5.
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Asymmetrical sterling silver ring with satin finish. Size 10. Good for a nature enthusiast. Or a king.
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img_20161214_111611     img_20161217_094742
Sterling silver ring with a pearl. Carved out of wax, cast and oxidized, size 6.
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Sterling silver oxidized ring, size 5.5.
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testing-5-of-22rev-2     testing-7-of-22-2
Onyx and sterling silver ring. I carved, cast and textured the band and hand-
manufactured the basket setting for the unusually cut marquise onyx. size 4.75.
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PicsArt_06-27-08.59.35    PicsArt_06-27-09.08.08
Sterling silver rustic heart band and wave setting with a painted shell. A beautiful summery ring in the colors of the ocean. Size 6.25.
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Oxidized sterling silver granule ring, size 7.
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